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  • Original Artwork

    Please have a look and contact the artist to purchase any of the pieces.
  • Giclee Prints

    Giclee prints are high quality digital prints on thick toothed papers that are similar to that used by the artist in his originals. The prints are available in different sizes.
  • Postcards

    The postcards cover a range of abstract, symbolic and conceptual work.
  • Greeting Cards

    Most of these are sold singly, but some in packs of 3 - envelopes with each.
  • Posters

    A3 size images of Between the Image & the Flame, The Things That Are Not and Martyrs II (Head).
  • Booklets, Catalogues & CDs

    Unknown Martyrs booklet; catalogues for Holy Ground; brochures for Three in One and Dream Dreams; and a CD with workshop materials for Holy Ground.
  • T-shirts

    3 abstract designs with a range of colours and sizes.