Church Exhibitions

High quality exhibitions in churches and cathedrals have engaged viewers with questions of faith in relation to contemporary life. The artwork explored issues of belief in God and concerns for justice and human dignity. Shows were open to the public all day, with the artist in attendance, meeting people, and leading talks and discussions with school classes and other groups. Several evening events were held for working adults to attend, including dinners with talks about the show. Some churches used the artwork in their services or prayer events.


  • 'We appreciated both the quality of your exhibits – and their variety – and the depth of the Christian faith that animates you and your work.’
  • ‘Your gifts as a speaker are a tremendous part of the reason these weeks work so well for us. You are clear, unapologetic and yet honest and personally applied.’
  • ‘Our young people said it was a fantastic night. Thank you again, you did a great job of not only presenting but explaining your art in a way that really connected with them.’
  • ‘Thank you for the way you engaged with all the visitors, young and not so young alike… I am aware of the huge level of personal investment that you put into it all. So thank you for all you shared with us and for the inspiring work, which has had quite an impact here.’

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