School Exhibitions

Thought-provoking and intriguing exhibitions in schools have enabled pupils to explore social and political issues in relation to the Christian faith, and to understand and appreciate contemporary art through a range of artistic styles and media. Shows were open to the school all day, and to the outside public where practicable. The artist led classes in discussing the artwork and spoke at assemblies and chapel services. Other local schools and groups were invited for talks by the artist, and evening events were held where suitable.

To see Paul in action, click here for a Youtube video made by the Cambridge News.


  • 'An exhilarating week. It was a real enrichment in the life of the college and in the lives of so many students. It made an enormous difference having you at the exhibition engaging with the students as they viewed the show.’
  • 'Your artwork was wonderful, and I particularly appreciated the range of styles and subject matter. The way in which staff and pupils engaged with the art, and with you, was testament to your quality as an artist… I was especially impressed by your ability to initiate and sustain conversations with all comers, from the students passing by, to the loitering staff member; from the bright sparks to the uninterested.'
  • 'Paul is an experienced and skilful speaker. He succeeds in getting pupils who think art and Christian faith are not their thing, to think again.'
  • ‘I have never seen somebody talk about their art so articulately. That was absolutely brilliant.' (Primary Headteacher)

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