Holy Ground Project

Holy Ground is a collection of shoes and stories from Christians all around the world. The stories are short statements about what it means for each person to believe in Christ in their particular situation. Among those represented are: a thief, a refugee, the despised, the rejected – people who Jesus specially sought out – as well as those who have known great opportunity, wealth and success. 

There are those who are beautiful, those who are disabled, those struggling to make a living and raise a family, those who have known great loss and tragedy, and those asking the deep questions of life. All have encountered the living God, arriving at a place of holy ground; where they must, metaphorically at least, remove their shoes in acknowledgement of God’s holiness.

At the centre of the installation is a stainless steel tree, partly painted red and partly blackened with a blow torch. Coloured lights trained on it change and flicker creating a fiery effect. The empty shoes facing towards it call to mind the Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush in which God tells Moses, ‘Take off your sandals, for the place you are standing is holy ground’.

The photos below show the installation in a variety of settings.


  • ‘I kept returning to the art work Holy Ground. There was something very special about the personal stories and experiences of the individuals represented. I was fascinated, too, to see people from different backgrounds and of different ages stopping to read and reflect on the stories and their meaning for them.’
  • ‘Most deeply affecting, showing the beauty of God and people.’
  • ‘Never could I imagine a message so simple but so deep.’
  • ‘What a great way to tell stories. I chose shoes that looked interesting and read their story - with tears and smiles. Thank you! I expected little and was moved greatly.’
  • ‘Very touching and inspiring stories that make us think beyond our own small problems!’

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