Cambridge News

It takes all sorts to make new art

"...Paul's work was on display throughout the week in a show called The Heart of Things, which features abstract images, news articles and ready-made objects. The exhibition involved a host of curiosity items, including wooden blocks coloured like Liquorice Allsorts and coated with news headlines. There was also a dining table set for two people with live goldfish on top in a bid to challenge and intrigue students at the school....."

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Sheona Beaumont

Seeing 'The Heart of Things'

"...ultimately Paul's work, as well as engaging mind and body in biblical or spiritual references (by way of allusive, creative suggestion in paintings, prints, collage and installation), has a deeper, more soulful engagement that's something like grounding. It's striking that the four central pieces in this exhibition (Ten Words, Gate, Holy Ground and Attitudes) all bring attention to their place on the floor. It's as if groundedness is the only possible starting point and ending point for the work....."

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Baptist Times

The medium and the message 

"Art speaks where words fail in the work of Gloucestershire artist Paul Hobbs, writes Derek Walker. Words can be dangerous. The church often creates uncomfortable headlines by what it says on topical issues, and people can read into the words of ordinary Christians political or theological assumptions that they do not intend. Gloucester artist Paul Hobbs bypasses words in favour of pictures. His bold colours and vibrant images sidestep these potholes as they draw questions from viewers, rather than preaching at them...."

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Sevenoaks Chronicle 2004

Interview: Artist Paul Hobbs

"ONE of artist Paul Hobbs’ thought-provoking paintings hangs in Lambeth Palace, testament to the esteem in which his works are held. Commissioned by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, the work entitled Dream Dreams, displays many of the qualities which have made him a prominent figure in his sphere of the art world."

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Church Building Magazine

A feature article about the Three in One design, providing a full description of the artwork and its symbols written by the artist.

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CEN Article

Paul preaches without using words

".....Games and human tragedy are a recurring theme, demonstrating perhaps the reality of modern life that while some play, others die. You too can play by throwing the dice in Refugee snakes and ladders, or take a holiday brochure from the country of your choice cataloguing its human rights abuses. His art reflects our modern culture and its obsessions, including page three girls, absentee fathers and individual pleasure....."

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