Pangbourne College

Pangbourne College

'In Emergency Break Glass'

Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel, Pangbourne College 2011

This exhibition of 31 paintings and sculptures included figurative, abstract and conceptual images, in the wonderfully designed Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel. Variously vibrant, playful, disturbing and heart-warming, the artwork challenged viewers about issues of faith in God, human relationships and responsibility. During the week Paul Hobbs led classes around the exhibition, discussing the themes of the artwork with them. Other schools also sent classes, the show was open to the public and the artist spoke from 3 of the exhibits at the Sunday service.

Some comments:

- An exhilarating week. It was a real enrichment in the life of the college and in the lives of so many students. It made an enormous difference having you at the exhibition engaging with the students as they viewed the show.’
- Very interesting. Made me explore Christianity more, made me open my eyes. Holy Ground – awesome! (From a 6th former.)
- Hugely interesting and wonderfully displayed. Powerful reflections!



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