Workshop Reviews

Workshop Reviews

'Paul Hobbs’ work is of immense value in Religious Education/Studies classes. The images and objects stimulate the pupils’ thoughts and imaginations and leads them to consider ideas in the realms of religion, philosophy, and morality. I spent at least one lesson with each year group looking at Paul’s work in an exhibition in our school hall and the pupils were enthralled. The more time they spent looking and thinking the more time they wanted to spend. Paul’s work is an immensely valuable addition to conventional learning methods and I continue to use his images in classes.'

Paul Gill, Head of Religious Studies, Harrogate Ladies College

'Stimulating and inspiring, Paul Hobbs' art reveals his deep faith and insights into important ethical issues today.'

Henry Kirk, Chaplain, Abingdon School.

'I kept returning to the art work Holy Ground. There was something very special about the personal stories and experiences of the individuals represented. I was fascinated, too, to see people from different backgrounds and of different ages stopping to read and reflect on the stories and their meaning for them.'

Dame Janet Trotter, Principal, University of Gloucestershire.

'His exhibition was a triumph, stimulating discussion and interest throughout the school. His easy rapport with the pupils ensured that he could provoke and challenge them to explore ideas that were both complex and fascinating.'

Tim Hastie-Smith, Headmaster, Dean Close School.



'Working by encouragement, Paul pushed the students in a variety of media, to consider the importance of the visual qualities of the imagery in relation to its meaning. It was a great day, thoroughly enjoyed and also useful in introducing flexible methods and different working practices.'

James Nairne, Head of Art, Bradfield College


'It is hard to find words to express all that the exhibition of your paintings and Holy Ground installation meant to all of us who came and lingered. It was powerful experience on many levels which proclaimed the gospel and only used words when absolutely necessary, just like the injunction of St Francis.'

Rt Rev’d Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ramsbury.


'I have not heard anything but praise both from staff and pupils for your work, the way you interacted so naturally with them, for the treasures you pulled out of each work, and how you teased out the spiritual and moral values from them - it was tremendous to watch.'

Alex Aldous, Chaplain, Oundle School.


'It was great to have such a diversity of work in the show - diverse in subject matter and style. And the excellence of each piece testifies to a rich God-given talent. Without doubt the time you give to speaking about your work with groups and individuals is invaluable. Whilst wanting people to engage with the work by itself first, understanding authorial intent is so helpful and an important counter to the post-modern spirit of the age. I feel you strike the right balance extremely well.'

Anthony Bewes, Curate at St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks.